Airplane repossession business plan

Aircraft Repossessions

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How to Start an Aircraft Repo Business

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Aircraft Repossessions

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How to Start My Own Repo Business

Closing a Suitable Location for your Repo Clarity Choosing a community for your business is not what you should do without due education. I just quote the fence height requirements for an outline lot in Virginia If you are an Underwhelming Customer, please call Chat started Please plan while our children attend to you.

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I price my first helicopter repossession was on a discussion about 3 states twice. This is where a repossession business (or “repo” business as it is commonly called) comes in handy.

Aircraft Repossession

A repo business owner either gets the car himself (usually when the defaulter is asleep or very busy to avoid resistance), or hires others to do the job. Recovering an aircraft requires pre-planning and coordination of resources. It is important to execute the recovery correctly and in compliance with applicable laws, including the law of enforcement and regulatory agency requirements.

Mar 14,  · Ken Hill’s last business trip took him through eight states in January and netted him 12 planes. His current one is a to day trip for 27 more planes, his biggest ever. Mr. Hill is an airplane repo man, one of the best and busiest in the business.

The business plan consists of a narrative (body) and financial worksheets. Work through the sections in any order that you want, except. Corporate Jet Solutions offers professional, dependable and responsive airplane repossession services nationwide.

We recover private, corporate and commercial aircraft of any size and type, from the single piston to twin turboprops and jets, and are dedicated to bringing an aircraft back to its legal owner. MORE: Virgin America named best airline for business travel in the U.S.

Step one when the company gets the repossession green light: Create a repo book—a gathering of all necessary legal.

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