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Communication Strategies for Six Sigma Initiatives, Part 2

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Lean & Six Sigma a Blended Methodology for Healthcare and Service William LaFollette, D.B.A. WLPE Chief Process Architect. 11 January Lean Six Sigma optimizes capacity, reduces cycle time Driven by the Business Unit strategy.

LSS for ambulatory is very weak and clunky, limited integration if any. Surgery and ED systems are very weak functionality. Many MEDITECH sites have 3rd party ED. The first step in a successful Lean Six Sigma strategy execution process is to facilitate senior leaders through GE-style Action Workouts, using LSS tools and techniques to create tactical plans that nest with strategic goals and objectives.

In my experience, most strategic plans are long, drawn-out, elaborate documents that brief well but lack. Professional with 17 years of diversified hands-on experience in #1 Fortune Company, small business, medical, aerospace and governmental.

Extremely effective in multi-tasking and Project Manager at GE Healthcare. Home» Blog» Resources» Lean Six Sigma Industry News» Lean Six Sigma Success Stories in the Healthcare and Medical Industry Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Healthcare industry organized alphabetically.

GE Healthcare. Centricity Business Solutions (formerly IDX Flowcast) LSS Data Systems. Medical and Practice Management Suite (MPM Suite) HL7 interface engine, customizable report writer, sophisticated patient insurance plan handling (best in industry).

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