Information about the american crocodile crocodylus acutus

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American Crocodile: Species Profile

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American crocodile

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American Crocodile: Species Profile

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American Crocodile Facts | American Crocodile Diet & Habitat

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American Crocodile

A scratching crocodile may be surprised by an identifying person and quickly and noisily enter the plaid. Facts. Of the 23 different species of crocodilians in the world, 2 species are native to the United States, and south Florida is the only place where both of these species coexist (American Alligator and American Crocodile).

The American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) is a species of crocodilian found in the Neotropics. It is the most widespread of the four extant species of crocodiles from the Americas.

American crocodile

Populations occur from southern Florida and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of southern Mexico to South America as far south as Peru and Venezuela. The American crocodile, belonging to the Crocodylus genus, is one of the several crocodile species found in the North, Central as well as South America.

Often confused with the similar species of American alligator, the American crocodile has distinct gray-green coloration and characteristic triangular narrow snouts. > Crocodylus is derived from the Greek krokodeilos which means literally "pebble worm" (kroko = pebble; deilos = worm, or man) referring to the appearance of a crocodile.

> acutus means "sharp" or "pointed" (Latin), referring to the shape of the snout. A fairly large crocodile species, the American crocodile has a stocky body with a long, powerful tail. The short but muscular legs end in sharp claws (2) and the long triangular snout contains 14 to 15 sharp, conical teeth on each side.

Head of American crocodile under water and partly buried by sand. USGS photo. A crocodile will eat almost anything that moves. Hatchlings and young crocodiles eat small fish, snails, crustaceans, and insects. Adults feed mostly at night on fish, crabs, turtles, snakes, and small mammals.

Information about the american crocodile crocodylus acutus
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